Chai Negev is an ecological desert khan

Chai Negev is a hospitality and attractions center located in Kibbutz Revivim in Benav. The site is mostly planned according to ecological principles. Instead of a center for creative ecological activity, natural construction workshop and more. Quietly and calmly, the sleeping areas are located when outside the sleeping areas you will find sitting areas, tables, barbecue facilities, facilities for the buffet and kitchenette. Close to the site, a playground, a basketball court and a football ball, and of course tour routes offered by the area. The site also has nearby attractions such as the landscaped garden, the cactus garden and an experiential visit to the Revivim Observatory.


Opening Hours:

Throughout the year 09.00 until 14.00
On Fridays and holiday eves 09.00 - 13.00

* The site receives groups and therefore it is necessary to coordinate a daily tour
***Bringing animals of any kind to the site is strictly forbidden!