Accommodation includes:

  • Barbecue and potjie facilities, a bonfire place (you can pre-purchase wood for NIS 25), tables, chairs, seating and chilling areas.
  • A central kitchen including: a microwave, gas stove, cooking utensils and sinks for washing dishes.
  • Bathrooms and hot showers; cold water facilities.
  • Lighting and electricity for cooking;  please bring food and utensils
  • For the Khan and tents: please bring towels and toiletries, linen, blankets and/or sleeping bags (sleeping bags an extra NIS 20; blankets and pillows – NIS 45).
  • Guest rooms include: beds, linen, towels, air conditioning, TV, coffee corner, refrigerator, private toilet and shower. Does not include toiletries.
  • The desert breakfast experience: Saturdays and holidays together with the staff and visitors, between 07:30 and 09:30. The meal includes: preparing the dough and making fresh hot pita bread on the Saj, with Labaneh cheese, za'atar, olive oil, spicy olives, hummus, tahini, vegetables, chocolate spread, jam, herbal teas and coffee.
  • Activities for families staying at the site during the weekend and holidays: art activities include pottery painting (extra fee), filling bottles in colorful sand (extra fee), archaeological excavations and learning about dinosaurs.
  • A kiosk with cold drinks and ice cream


  • Reservations must be made in advance by filling out the contact form on the website and receiving a reservation number.
  • Arrival time for overnight stays - from 15:00 and no later than 18:00. For exceptions, please call and coordinate.
  • Check out: on Shabbat and holidays until 11:00.
  • The area has a synagogue and a bomb shelter.
  • No animals are allowed on site